Monday, September 26, 2011

How can you be grateful for laundry???

This afternoon, I PLOWED through some massive laundry - and instead of being grumbly, like I wanted to be, thinking things like "How can two people make such a ridiculous amount of laundry?" or "Why do I have to do all of our laundry?", I decided to be grateful for laundry. Huh? How can someone actually be grateful for doing loads and loads of laundry? Check this out:

Today, I feel gratitude for:
- Having a washer and dryer, in the house - I vividly remember the days of apartment living, where I would have to haul all of the laundry down to the basement (or worse, to the laundromat!!), make sure I had enough quarters to get everything done (I hate the looks of the people at the bank when you ask for several rolls of they KNOW you are an "apartment person".), make sure no one else was doing laundry when you wanted to, and plan to hang out for several hours because if you leave your laundry alone, the creepy guy that lives in apartment 2c might come sniff your underwear.
- Having a husband that likes to iron - all I have to do is hang the stuff he wears...and he'll iron it when he wants to wear it! Booyah, baby!
- Having so clothes to wash - I also vividly remember being a broke college student, whose entire wardrobe consisted of t-shirts from various radio station events or college functions and jeans.
- Having time to get it all done - I know some people would kill to have a few hours of solid time to focus on getting their house in order and laundry done.
- Awesome music on my iPod - kept me grooving and singing along for most of the afternoon.

Dear God, thanks for the lesson of the laundry. It's all about my perspective, huh? Thanks for the opportunity to practice gratitude. Please help me to keep that attitude for the rest of the day! Show me how to be of service to You and Your kids - and get rid of the junk in me that blocks me off from seeing those chances to show how You can work in me, if I let you. Please help me to get motivated on the amends that I owe ____, _____, and ______. I need to clear off the side of the street so my little brain can work on other stuff. Help me to make time for that in the next 24 hours, if You can. Keep an eye on all of my loved ones, please - and comfort and guide them in their daily walks. Amen.

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