Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fighting My Grumpy Inner Nature

Today, I am feeling very grateful - kind of just all over content. Although it's not my nature to look for the positive side of circumstances, because of practicing gratitude, it's become habit...which means that in the things that would have formerly made me grumpy and grumbly, I can see something to feel gratitude about. It's a fabulous way to travel through the day, instead of feeling like the world is out to get me or get in my way. Here's what I mean:

A friend running late to meet me for lunch? Sweet! That's time to read "The Hunger Games", which I am now hooked on. Dogs are both sick at the same time? No problem - we have a great vet that will get them back to fighting shape in no time, and we get a discount for having multiple dogs. Car trouble six months ago? Whatever! That's in the past - and to make up for it, they gave me two free oil changes, so I got a free oil change this week AND one more to come - that rocks! I live too far away from work to get home and back again before my next meeting, so now I am "stuck" in town with nothing to do. Absolutely not! It freed up time in my schedule to be able to go volunteer at the Komen office today, which I've been meaning to do anyway since it's a cause near and dear to my heart.

See what I mean? It's all about perspective - and making gratitude a habit has changed mine, for sure.

The last thing on my list for the day is my wonderful husband - today is our monthaversary, and I am grateful for being so lucky to marry a man that will indulge me when I want to celebrate our smaller milestones.

Dear God, thanks for everything - please help me to not mess it up form here. Amen.

What's on your list today? What can you look at in a new way?

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