Friday, August 5, 2011


Today, I am grateful for:
- an awesome night with a dear friend being of service to some very sweet women
- my friend K being so flexible when our plans inevitably change
- my hairdresser R calling me to offer me a free massage that had been donated to her by a coworker!!
- the wedding programs getting here safe and sound
- my fabulous new kindle to take on my honeymoon! (thanks to K!)

Dear God, thanks for today. Despite it not turning out very differently from how I thought it was going to - it was better than I could have planned (as always!). Please keep S and his friends safe tomorrow as the bachelor party continues at the beach, and please look over all of my friends and loved ones as they go through this next 24 hours, especially D. If I can help You with anything, please make so clear to me that even I can't miss it. Please remove my fear of ______ and direct my thinking to what You would have me be. Good night, handsome. Amen.

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