Monday, July 25, 2011


Today, I feel gratitude for:
- Friends of mine telling me that this blog has inspired them to take stock of the things in their lives to be grateful for! (Feel free to share those with me - either here or via email...I'd love to share in your joy!)
- Some awesome lovin' from S last night (sorry, if that's TMI, but I am grateful for it!)
- A full fridge of healthy food
- Another potential job free lance job opportunity
- Feeling healthier and stronger from working out and losing weight

Dear God, it's a repeat from yesterday, but it's so good, I want to say it again: I praise that You have healed so many hurting human beings. As I pray for the people in my life, I ask that Your healing power be present in their living. Heal bodies where there is injury or pain. Comfort those that are grieving. Pour out Your love and forgiveness to those experiencing broken relationships. Revive those that are tired and weary. Give Your peace to those that are anxious and afraid. By Your power, enable all of these to experience Your presense and love. Amen.

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