Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today, I feel gratitude for:
- a quickie afternoon nap, cuddling with my dog
- people that were willing to reschedule to accommodate my schedule
- being able to sign up for driving school instead of having points go on my record
- air conditioning and ceiling fans
- having time this afternoon for quality time with S

Dear God, it kind of hit me today that I am staring down the barrel of the wedding now, and how much there is to do between now and the "big day". I know You've got this, and that I have lots of people that will help me. Please help me to let You be in charge and to let people help me where they can. Also, my friend L is in the process of birthing my next godchild, and she could use some care and assistance in moving things along, smoothly. Please protect her and the perfect child she's carrying. Please keep a loving arm around my friends and family, and help me to help them where You see fit. Amen.

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