Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today, I feel gratitude for:
- a great church service - it was good to be back "home" after not being there for a few weeks
- a vigorous walk tonight where I got to make some long overdue phone calls
- quality time with S to just hang out
- a fun evening out at the theatre last night with good friends and S
- my new favorite prayer (in the church bulletin today!) which says:

Dear God, I praise You that You have healed so many hurting human beings. As I pray for the people in my life, I ask that Your healing power be present in their living. Heal bodies where there is injury or pain. Comfort those that are grieving. Pour out Your love and forgiveness to those experiencing broken relationships. Revive those that are tired and weary. Give Your peace to those that are anxious or afraid. By Your power, enable all these to experience Your presence and love. Amen.

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