Friday, July 22, 2011


Today, I feel gratitude for:
- an incredible new opportunity to expand my career (without having to leave my current job!)
- email to keep me connected
- p90x
- apologies
- rainchecks

Dear God, thank you for the many awesome things you are doing in my life. I am so grateful for the fantastic freelance TV gig that you've presented me with - out of the blue. I am so excited to try my hand at something new without having to give up "ol' reliable" radio. That being said, I am freaking the ___ out about my dad's irregular heartbeat diagnosis. Please help me to turn that over to You and not try to micromanage his health or worry about things I can't control. I love him lots, and want him to be ok, please. I don't even care that I am praying for my will right now. Help me to remember that You are in charge, and that even when I hate what You are doing, it's probably best anyway. Please show me where I can be helpful and supportive to him, and to all of your other kids. Thanks, and amen.