Sunday, October 2, 2011

Does good weather just change everything?

Today, I feel gratitude for:
- Incredible weather - good grief, it's gorgeous outside!
- Fun night with friends watching football last night
- Breakfast with friends this morning
- Spontaneous walks in two different parks near our house - what a husband I have to suggest them!
- Time in the hammock this afternoon to cuddle with my dog and read a new book

Wow, Dude - when you make good weather, you make GOOOOOD weather. This is awesome, and I am grateful for all of the awesome stuff that comes along with it. Thanks for filling my life with good friends and an awesome husband - they were all worth the wait. Please keep an eye on my family with their health and traveling, and on my in-laws as they deal with the loss of a beloved cousin. Thanks for friends birthdays and anniversaries today - what a filled day! Amen.

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