Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today, I feel gratitude for:
- a positive result for a friend's unexpected trip to the hospital
- being part of the process to interview new candidates for the ED position at St. Anne's - it feels good to be part of the solution
- Smoothie King's Lean One Smoothie - I wish I would have listened sooner to Steven when he told me how awesome they are (and with my schedule, having a quick thing to take with me is a MUST!)
- a long nap this afternoon - I am always grateful when I find time for a nap! Today, it was much more needed than usual.
- advice from friends on a sensitive topic - without judgement.

Dear God, thanks for everything. Help me to remember to turn to You in all things, big and small - even when I feel like it's out of Your jurisdiction or that it's not something I think You need to be worried about. Please keep an eye on KK - I love her lots and need her around for a long time. Amen.

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