Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Gratitude

After I get out of work for the day, I don't usually spend a lot of time in front of a computer - so, when things pop into my head that I feel gratitude for, I try to hold them in my head as long as I can to write them down or type them up on my phone. Looking back on them later, they might appear kind of random, but it ends up being almost like a diary of my activities for the day, which I think is kind of fun.

So, in the past 24 hours, here's what I felt gratitude for, in no particular order:
- the super friendly staff at Publix in Helena - and I mean, FRIENDLY. Wow. These people love their jobs, and their customers, and it makes me happy to shop there. The produce guy was literally cutting me samples of apples yesterday while I was there because he was so excited about his new shipment of Gala's.
- having enough cash in my wallet to pay for parking when I was running late for a work event and couldn't find a free spot anywhere! (When am I going to learn to be on time? I don't know...)
- couch time with S - it really just does a heart good.
- a quiet place at work, with a door that locks, where I can sneak in a nap, instead of having to drive home and waste the hour back and forth.
- a friend's anniversary today - her story is inspiring!

Dear God, thank you for the fantastic life I get to lead today - help me to act as grateful as I feel, and to be an outward steward of the gifts You've provided. Show me Your will, and please give me the power to carry it out, today. Please keep an eye on my friends, loved ones and family - and if I can be of service, please show me how. Amen.

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