Monday, October 3, 2011

Strep throat can't keep me from being grateful

I woke up this morning with a v-e-r-y sore throat and glands that felt like golf balls. I was pretty sure it was strep throat. I am a strep throat veteran, you see. Strep throat has been a companion of mine many times over the years. It's been a while since we last visited, but I remembered it, crystal clearly. So, even without going to the doctor yet today, I knew what I was dealing with.

It was 4am - which is when I usually get up for work - and I've been sick quite a bit this calendar year, so I've used up the minimal sick days my company gives me. Any further sickness requires I use up my vacation days, and I am only down to two of those for the rest of the year. So, I had the debate: "Do I use up one of my remaining vacation days to stay home, go to the doctor and head this thing off at the pass?" or "Do I tough it out, go to work, potentially get everyone else sick and hang on to one of the two remaining vacation days I have left?"

In the end, I felt bad enough to sacrifice a vacation day to be able to stay home. I am so glad I did. I went to the doctor, and sure enough! I've got strep! They gave me a steroid shot to help kick start the recovery (so far, no Hulk-like symptoms have reared their ugly heads!) and a massive antibiotic, which the doctor said will "pretty much knock out anything you've got in addition to strep".

I've been a zombie today. All I've had the energy for (despite the steroid shot they gave me!) has been watching movies and TV, and playing games on my cell phone. The doctor DID prescribe more rest and fluids, so I am doing what he said. Hopefully, I'll be better by tomorrow. I have a FULL day tomorrow (as always)!

So, here's my list for today - because sick or not, there's something to feel gratitude for, right?

Today, I feel gratitude for:
- Modern medicine - I am pretty lucky that I was able to go into an "urgent care" clinic this morning, get seen by a doctor within an hour, get diagnosed and get medicine on one trip out of the house.
- Cable and DVR - a sick girl's best friend - kept me occupied all day long without having to get off the couch.
- Pretty weather - I am able to sit out on my back patio for a little bit to let the dogs play in the yard since they were going stir crazy. (Bonus gratitude for the patio to sit on and the backyard for them to play in, and for being able to figure out the umbrella so that I could sit outside and type on my laptop...which I am also grateful to have.)
- Friends that offered encouragement when I was bummed about _____
- My fantastic husband - he's just a good egg, all around and I am lucky to have him.

Dear God, I know that even when I feel yucky, life is better than I realize. Please help me to focus on the positive, and not resort to one of my favorite character defects: self pity. Thank you for the many blessings I've listed, and for the ones I have in my heart, too. Thank you for L going to do yoga at St. Anne's today - and for her gracious attitude when it didn't go as planned. Please keep an eye on my friends and family, especially my in laws going to the wake and funeral of their cousin, Kim, may she rest in peace after her valiant struggle with cancer. Also, please divorce me from the resentment I feel at the JERK who took down my Komen signs from the front of the neighborhood. Amen.

So, how about you? Even if you are having a yucky day, is there something you feel gratitude for in the middle of it all?

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